1. Coverage of This Statement

This privacy policy and its contents pertains to this site (fayemata.com) and sub pages attached to it.  This statement may not be all inclusive and is subject to change without any notification.  Some links on this website go to third-party websites and content providers.  This privacy policy nor the website owner or operator make any guarantee to the policies governing these third party entities.  Key third party entities will have their privacy policy linked in this statement.  It is the responsibility of the visitor to familiarize themselves of these policies.

2. "Right to Know" Statement

As an end-user of this website, you have the right to be aware of information that may be collected by this site, and what measures are used to safeguard that information.  You also have the right to know how information you willfully supply is used.  This privacy statement is therefore provided to you for your reference and understanding of how your information is handled by this website and its operators.

3. Collection of Information

Like many websites, this site collects a set of basic information that is used to identify your work station to a certain degree.  This information helps track traffic, potential abuse, on-site browsing habits, and other non-intrusive behaviors.  There are two categories within this section: local sources and variable sources.  This section will cover each of these categories and what information is collected by each.

A. Local Sources

Low-risk information is collected automatically by this site that is used to monitor web metrics, traffic, and behavior.  Information that is collected includes: your internet protocol (IP) address, web browser, operating system, and national origin.  In addition, information is collected automatically by the server that hosts this site. To verify information such as the validity of the request (page codes), the risk of the request (whether the requestor is a human), and how to display content (phone, computer, or other), the hosting server automatically collects this information.  The software that is on the server then stores that information for the purpose of visitor logging.

B. Variable Sources

1. Google, Inc

For more accurate measurements of site traffic and activity, this site utilizes Google Analytics web monitoring scripts to get more precise metrics without querying the IP address.  Information is gathered on-site, and then communicated to Google servers in order to analyze information that may be revealed by this address.  Information such as geographic location (at the national level) and estimated demographics are collected.  This can help the site operator make decisions on site content.

2. WordPress JetPack

Limited information, such as pages visited and internet protocol addresses are also provided to WordPress by the JetPack software.  These are simply another version of metrics that are generated by the host server.  No additional information is provided to WordPress.

The information provided involuntarily, especially beyond information collected by the webhosting server, is arguably accurate.  The estimated demographics do not reveal any personal identity or precise geographic information.  More information on data collected from these sources can be found in the links provided below:

» Google Analytics - Tracking Code Overview
» JetPack - WordPress Stats
» Google, Inc. - Privacy Policy (EN)

4. Maintaining & Storing of Collected Information

This section pertains to local sources only, and does not extend itself to metrics generated and collected by third party sources.

The server this site is hosted on collects a bare minimum quantity of information by default.  This information includes what is outlined in section 3, sub-section A.  Data that is collected via this means is stored on the server for a variable amount of time that depends on the information that is being queried.  In general, IP addresses, internet service provider (ISP) data, and node location data are discarded automatically after a period of thirty (30) days.  Logs of this information are stored for an additional sixty (60) days beyond the initial deletion date.  This specific data is used to determine abuse and is not used for any marketing, personal identification, or data harvesting.

Information such as web browser, national geographic location, and operating system is logged for an indefinite amount of time.  This information is used to help better track website activity and make web related decisions within the scope of the site operators authority.  Any information collected on this server is used for internal operations only.  The site operator will never sell this data or disclose the data to any third party, excluding law enforcement agencies with signed documentation.

End User Privacy Agreement

As the end-user, you release your right to query the site operator for the specified information mentioned above.  You also understand that the information you are supplying is kept confidential and is not released to anyone excluding local law enforcement agencies should the information be solicited.  Lastly, you understand that continued use of this website implies consent to the terms outlined in this privacy statement, including the information listed above.

The information specified above is stored in two locations, depending on the age of the information.  In the instance of information which has a timetable for deletion, initial logs are stored on the server this site is hosted on for the initial period of thirty (30) days in a secure location.  After this initial period, the logs are securely transmitted to a backup server maintained by this site's web host for an additional sixty (60) days.  A period of ninety (90) days elapsed results in the safe deletion and shredding of this information.

In the instance of information which is stored indefinitely, data is stored and life-cycled on this site's server in a secure location.  This data is not transmitted to any external source, unless it is also captured by one of the aforementioned third-party entities mentioned in section 3, sub-section B.  Only the server administrator and web host has access to any of the information collected in this section unless it is queried by the site operator, which may be done periodically to assess site-related actions.

5. Information & Cyber Security Statement

This site does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) or confidential information.  The use of the contact form on this site does allow for the submission of email addresses, and names.  For your safety, please be sure that you are viewing one of the two authorized pages specified below before submitting.  Submitting data on a page not outlined here may not be authentic: / (fayemata.com), /contact (fayemata.com/contact).

An appearance of a form on any other section of this website should be reported to the site operator immediately.

This site complies with guidelines outlined by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency guidelines for the collection, storing, and maintaining of information.  However, security of personal information is a joint task and requires end-user vigilance as specified in CISA and Department of Homeland Security materials.

6. Revocation of Rights to Information

This site does not explicitly collect information that is considered be an elevated risk.  End-users may not hold accounts on this site, and therefore information that is submitted contains the least amount of revealing information.  Collected information is not stored in an editable format, and therefore information supplied can not be deleted or removed except by the automatic processes that are carried out on IP addresses, ISPs, and node location data.

Information that is transmitted via the contact forms on the site is released by the end-user.  While the information may no longer be in the control of the end-user, this statement serves to guarantee the safety of that information.  Under no circumstances is any information that is collected on this site shared with a third-party entity unless specified otherwise in this statement.  The use of the contact form on this website is done so with the understanding that all emails are kept confidential unless requested by the submitter.

7. Third Party Data Sharing

There are a select number of third-parties that are connected to this site for various functions.  The entities described in section 3, sub-section B are the only entities that actively collect information on this site.

A. Entities Collecting Information

The rights to collect information on this website are restricted to those named either in section 3, sub-section B or in this section.  These entities are Google, Inc. and WordPress.  The definitions and reasons can be found in the previously mentioned sub-section of this document.

Google, Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, California 94043

60 29th Street #343
San Francisco, California 94110

B. Entities With an On-Site Footprint

Entities within this section may appear on this website through the use of a security token or other means.  This access is only valid one direction and is unable to transmit any information from this site.  These entities have access to the site's publishing abilities for the purpose of advertising content explicitly at the request of the site operator.  The individual entities that have this access are found in this sub-section.

Twitter, Inc.
795 Folsom Saint Ste 6
San Francisco, California 94104

350 Bush Street
San Francisco, California 94104

C. On-Site Footprint Privacy Policies

While no information is transmitted to the content providers mentioned in the previous sub-section, their privacy policies and statements have been made available in this document for reference.  Individuals who opt to follow links from this site should be aware of the privacy policies in place at the destination site.  The advertised entities with publishing authority have been made available below.

» Twitter Privacy Policy
» Amazon Privacy Notice
» Twitch Privacy Notice

8. Cookie Policy

This site utilizes cookies to enhance user experience.  Cookies and stored files may be used to increase load time of any given page, track which headers have been used, and to mark pages as read to reduce repetitiveness.  The overall impact and use of cookies is minimal, and no cookie or file that is used by this site tracks any personal information.

9. End User Agreements & Acknowledgement

By continuing to use this website, you agree to the terms of how your information is used as outlined above.  You also understand the measures taken to safeguard your information.  Continuing use of this site implies consent to these terms and establishes a contract between the end-user (you) and the site operator.  Omitting review of this document does not nullify your consent.  You may revoke any future consent at any time.  You understand that it is not the responsibility of the site operator to notify you of changes to this document, and that this document may be updated at any time.

10. Notice of Privacy Policy

The site operator nor any other entity on this site is required to notify end-users or visitors of updates to it's terms of use, copyright, privacy policy, or disclaimer.  It is the user's responsibility to remain apprised of changes to this information.

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